East Coast Main Line: Abbeyhill Bridge

Here you are on Abbeyhill Railway Bridge. Travelling electronically, I don't suppose you're that likely to get hit by a train, unless you're stuck here waiting for a platform at Waverley Station and so bored that you can be bothered wasting the company's money to surf in on your laptop, dialling up on your mobile phone and thus interfering with sensitive signalling equipment. When I get stuck here, of course, I just climb out the window, 'cos I can see my house from here, even if you can't.

East from here (that's left to you), if you're in the mood for a stroll, is Abbeyhill Junction. West, through the big dark holes you might just be able to make out in the big dark bit, are the Calton Tunnels, venue for the most exciting and mysterious show in the Edinburgh Festival: I can't tell you what it is, because it's supposed to be a surprise and the director will lynch me, but if you're in town for the August fun and frolics, check it out! Meanwhile, you can climb over the fence and go carefully down to the street...

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